Pale Window (2018)

Water, fire and human crowds move in such intricate and infinitely variable ways that they are near impossible to capture in a code or to simulate convincingly. Yet some companies are coming very close. Close to the point where the virtual starts to coincide with the real, to overlap reality. Key to this realistic virtualization is the ability to program randomness. It’s a path that will ultimately make even human behavior predictable.
In Pale Window the realm in between the real and the virtual is explored, thereby also questioning the cinematic image.

With a Thousand Eyes (2016)

In recent years the public space has been swarmed by electronic screens from mobile phones and tablets. One of the best places to observe the ubiquity of the screen is a touristic sight, where people are trying to capture the monument and nowadays also themselves. This film focusses on the people absorbed by their screens in the process of taking there own image in a public space.