Waiting Working Hours (2019)

‘Diksmuidelaan’ is a street in Brussels where day laborers are looking for a job for one day. Gathered in small groups, they wait for hours until a white van picks them up. They get dropped off at a construction site or field. Employers pay small salaries and no social security is provided. With personal their testimonies Waiting Working Hours wants to give a voice to clandestine workers. Digital images from the “Diksmuidelaan”, made with recordings from Google Streetview, are mixed with the voices from these workers. Together they form a constructed dialogue about labor and economics, in a multitude of languages. The immobile world of Streetview is like the standstill that the workers experience when they are waiting for hours. Together with the workers, Waiting Working Hours examines and questions their current situation and their dreams for the future.

The Potato Eaters (2016)

The Potato Eaters is an alternative way of looking at economics, a pure and concentrated outlook on labour in response to the numerous existing quantitative studies. The Port of Antwerp at night and a series of letters by Vincent van Gogh make for a poetic film that can be read as an interpretation of van Gogh’s famous painting The Potato Eaters (1885). As the film does not consider processes of evolution or matters of efficiency, we come closer to the core of economy: human bodies at work and at rest, which are rarely seen in cinema in times of extensive dehumanized automation.

         past screenings-
Graduation, Ghent / Visite, Antwerp / Brussels Art Film Festival / Cine Public, Antwerp
Working Title Film Festival, Vicenza (with special mention) / Het Grote Ongeduld, Brussels

Alors On Dance (2014)

sys-teem (2014)