DAGVORM FILMS is a Brussels based film production collective, currently producing ‘For What It’s Worth‘ by Ben De Raes.

dagvorm_cinema is a mini-cinema in the centre of Brussels. We have 22 comfortable chairs and regular screenings, personally curated by us, close friends, lovers and acquaintances.
dagvorm_cinema is a place born out of a passion for cinema and an urge to share the films (food and music) we value with our close friends, lovers, aquaintances, future friends and people who are willing to discover. We’ll organise regular screenings ourselves, collaborate with other initiatives as much as possible.
In the near future, dagvorm_cinema will become a cinephile hub with free post production facilities, a cinema, a bar and coworking space.

The name dagvorm is inspired by a quote from one of our favorite films Herman Slobbe/Blind Kind II by Johan van der Keuken. The director ends the film with a personal statement about the main character Herman:

“Everything in a film is a form, Herman is a form. Goodbye, sweet form!”
“Alles in een film is een vorm. Ook Herman is een vorm. Tot kijk, aardige vorm!”